Hill Industries is the marketing firm for Billion4Charity. The firm's core business is operating as a boutique investment banking and management consulting firm. The company is uniquely comprised of executives with Fortune 500 marketing experience, and Wall Street management, structuring, trading, finance, accounting, and investment management skills. The team has nearly $90 billion dollars of combined transactional experience which, together represents in excess of 150 years.

Hill Industries advises clients in a number of different situations across many industries and geographies, each of which requires custom-crafted package of services:

  • Structured Finance. We advise companies on specialized structured solutions to accomplish financial objectives using derivatives, structured bonds, convertible securities, leverage leases, securitizations, mortgage-backed securities ("MBS"), asset-backed securities (ABS"), collateral debt obligations ("CDO"), credit default swaps ("CDS"), collateral bond obligations ("CBO") and hedging transactions.
  • Financial Engineering. Financially engineered solutions produce consistent absolute returns by applying an asset-level bottom-up analysis combined with multiple stress scenario analysis to find value opportunities within mortgage credit. We tailor financial engineering to address the credit markets, liability management, and risk management concerns.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions. When we advise companies about the potential acquisition of another company or certain assets, our services include evaluating potential acquisition targets, providing valuation analyses, evaluating and proposing financial and strategic alternatives. We also may advise as to the timing, structure, financing and pricing of a proposed acquisition and assist in negotiating and closing the acquisition.
  • Divestitures and Sale Transactions. When we advise clients that are contemplating the sale of certain businesses, assets or their entire company, our services include evaluating and recommending financial and strategic alternatives with respect to a sale, advising on the appropriate sales process for the situation and valuation issues, assisting in preparing an offering memorandum or other appropriate sales materials.
  • Corporate Finance Advisory. We often serve as an independent and objective advisor in financing situations. Hill Industries has developed an expertise in assisting clients with respect to the entire spectrum of capital structure decisions, from underwriter selection, management to negotiation of financing terms and transaction execution and structuring loan facilities


Over its 28-year history, D&R International has helped introduce or re-introduce programs and marketing initiatives that compel consumers to action. The company's vision and mission statements explain its primary purpose in business: to further the advancement of resource-efficient technologies with an eye to preserving natural resources. D&R has worked with the retail supply chain, product manufacturers, utilities, the building industry, and other energy-efficiency organizations to build strong environmental initiatives, while providing market-focused solutions that improve the client's bottom line.

Since 1996, D&R has supported ENERGY STAR®, guiding the development of the programs for appliances and water heaters; windows, doors, and skylights; and compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) and solid-state lighting (LEDs). D&R supported EPA's ENERGY STAR Product Labeling and Home Improvement and Commercial and Industrial programs for five years. D&R has also conducted work for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) on many other projects.

D&R's support falls into seven areas of expertise:

  1. Strategic planning
  2. Market research, big data collection and tracking, and reporting
  3. Marketing and communications
  4. Partner development and coordination
  5. Meeting and event planning
  6. Information technology development
  7. Technical support